Joint Legal Custody requires that both parents work together to make decisions for the child. When the parents cannot agree on any given decision, parents find themselves at odds with each other. Here are three ways to make joint custody work.

1. Don’t bad-mouth the other parent.

You may be irate with your ex, but keep those feelings locked away from your children. Do not put your children in a position where they need to choose between you and the other parent, as this will inevitably aggravate the animosity between you and your ex, as well as make future legal engagements less than pleasant.

2. Divorce yourself from emotion when deciding custody.

While the marriage may not have worked out, you still have responsibilities to your children, including allowing your ex time with your children. No two parents are expertly experienced in the same thing, and having feelings of resentment toward your ex doesn’t make you a bad parent. Keep this in mind as you hash out custody arrangements, whether you pursue a divorce through a mediator or through probate court.

3. Settle Out.

One of the benefits of settling a custody dispute is that both parties are afforded the opportunity to opt for a custody arrangement that fits their schedule. This probably will not happen if the case goes to trial. Sit down with your ex and your attorneys to make reasonable and logical attempts to settle the dispute with as much rationality and little animosity as possible. The more common ground the parents can find, the more willing your children will be to communicate the emotional struggles they are bound to experience. Settling out may afford you the ability to head off these struggles as a unit rather than attempting to resolve them later as a divided front.

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