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The attorneys at Moreno Law can provide you with experienced representation during your contested or uncontested divorce in Kansas City, or personal attention to a custody or support issue.

Our lawyers are a skilled team and will help handle all matters pertaining to divorce, child custody, visitation, child support, and property division.

Anthony J. Moreno, Esq.

Managing Attorney / Owner

Anthony always had a dream to attend law school and become a lawyer who fights for good people. However, this dream always seemed a little too far from his grasp. Upon the insistence of his wife Mary, Anthony took the Law School Application Test and applied to the University of Kansas City – School of Law. UMKC offered Anthony a full scholarship to attend the upcoming school year.

Anthony’s parents, Martin and Olga Moreno, were beyond supportive and insisted that he take this opportunity with their blessing and promise to help in any way they could. This was the opportunity of a lifetime and although the Postal Service offered much in the way of job security, he took a leap of faith and accepted UMKC’s offer.

Now licensed in Missouri and Kansas, he is living his lifelong dream by running his own law practice in his hometown of Kansas City, MO. He has lived all over this town, touching almost every corner of the metropolitan area and he looks forward to serving the people of this community for many, many years to come.

Katie Myer, Esq.

Associate Attorney

Although she was born and raised in Kansas City, Katie’s journey to the world of family law began in an unassuming orphanage in El Salvador. Katie spent several years during high school and college working with an orphanage in El Salvador to teach skills and coping mechanisms to children who had experienced severe family trauma. She was often frustrated by the Spanish/English language barrier between herself and the children she was serving and immediately began working to learn Spanish.

This work ultimately inspired Katie to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish at Truman State University. After completing her Bachelor’s degree, Katie was searching for a way to further use her Spanish language skills to pursue her passion of helping children and families in tough situations.

Law school was never even on her radar, however after much research and many conversations with family and friends, Katie felt that a law degree could be a big step towards reaching her goal. Katie still was not convinced she wanted to be an attorney when she applied to law school, but she trusted that if she was accepted, she would take it as a sign that she was on the right path.

When she began law school at the University of Missouri Kansas City, Katie was not focused on pursuing a specific practice area and was open to all possibilities. During her first year, Katie was introduced to Anthony who just so happened to be looking for a Spanish-speaking law clerk for his family law firm. After only a couple of weeks of working with Anthony, Katie was certain that family law was the perfect fit.

Katie spent the majority of her law school years learning the ins and outs of family law and was fully committed to becoming an expert in the field. Now licensed in Missouri, Katie is fulfilling her lifelong goal of providing compassionate service to families in her home town Kansas City community.

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