Kansas City Family Law Attorney

Anthony J. Moreno, Esq.

Anthony has as varied a background as they come. He has worked all of his life, beginning as the kid who corrals the carts at your local grocery store. He then moved into retail sales as a teenager, working his way up the ladder to Sales Supervisor by age 18.
He ran the number 1 sales department in the region for 12 consecutive months, and was the youngest recipient of the retail chain’s “Top Gun” award.

Anthony moved on from sales to start a family and worked while completing his Associates Degree, right here in Kansas City, at Maple Woods Community College. He then worked his way through undergraduate school at Park University.

Anthony worked for the United States Postal Service at night from 6:30pm till 3 am, 5 am, and even until 7am to support his wife and children. He the had to rush to his 8am class, while completing his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing.

Anthony always had a dream to attend law school and become a lawyer who fights for good people. However, this dream always seemed a little too far from his grasp. Upon the insistence of his wife Mary, Anthony took the Law School Application Test and applied to the University of Kansas City – School of Law. UMKC offered Anthony a full scholarship to attend the upcoming school year.

Anthony’s parents, Martin and Olga Moreno, were beyond supportive and insisted that he take this opportunity with their blessing and promise to help in any way they could. This was the opportunity of a lifetime and although the Postal Service offered much in the way of job security, he took a leap of faith and accepted UMKC’s offer.

Now licensed in Missouri and Kansas, he is living his lifelong dream by running his own law practice in his hometown of Kansas City, MO. He has lived all over this town, touching almost every corner of the metropolitan area and he looks forward to serving the people of this community for many, many years to come.

Anthony’s office is located at
111 W. 10TH STREET,
(816) 200 – 0467

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