10 Strategies for Helping Kids Cope with Divorce

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Divorce is an emotionally draining and difficult experience for everyone involved. This can be especially true for children, who may not be able to understand what is happening.

When you are going through a divorce, it is vital that you keep your children a priority even if you are overwhelmed. Find yourself a counselor and other adult support if necessary, but don’t forget to be there for her children. Here are 10 ways you can help your child

Parenting Through Divorce

Anthony Moreno Divorce

Unfortunately not all marriages last, and sometimes children have to suffer through their parents’ breakup. This can be hard on children of all ages, and often parents – who are having a difficult time dealing with their own emotions – are at a loss as to how to minimize the negative impact on their children. Here are some tips for how to make the transition easier for the whole family. If you have questions and need help immediately contact Kansas City divorce attorney Anthony Moreno here.

Remind yourself, as well as your children, that although you may no longer be a family in the traditional sense, you are still a family, and you will always be a part of each other’s lives. This can go a long way toward reassuring children that although there is a lot of change going on, some things, like the love you have for them and they have for you, will always remain the same.


How to find the right Kansas City divorce attorney

Anthony Moreno Divorce

When you need a Kansas City divorce attorney, your first instinct may be to simply ask your family, friends and colleagues if they know a good lawyer. While word of mouth isn’t the worst strategy, this approach skips the most important factor in finding the best lawyer: you.

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Finding the right lawyer takes significantly more effort than merely asking around. To ensure the best relationship and outcome, more upfront effort is required. Before signing any retainer agreement, first assess the specific nature of your matter, then honestly reflect on your own personality and finally, compare your expectations regarding how the attorney-client relationship works to your potential counsel’s.

Dividing assets in a divorce

Helpful Tips When Dividing Assets in a Divorce

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Whether you have been married for two years or 20 years or longer, your assets are likely co-mingled with your spouse.

During a divorce, you must find a way to agreeably divide the assets in a manner that is legal according to the laws of your state and that is equitable or fair to both parties. You first should speak with Kansas City Divorce Attorney Anthony Moreno regarding the laws in your state to obtain some initial guidance on how to divide assets.

This information will help you to determine the initial steps you need to take to legally divide your belongings.

Value All of Your Belongings

After obtaining legal guidance regarding the division of your assets, prepare a list of all of the belongings that you and your spouse own. This may include cars and real estate, a boat or other recreational vehicle, furniture in the home, artwork, jewelry, and anything else that has financial value. HELPFUL TIPS WHEN DIVIDING ASSETS IN A DIVORCE

This can be a lengthy list, so you should review it several times to ensure that you have created a complete list. If possible, work with your ex to prepare the list so that nothing is omitted unintentionally and so you both agree on the estimated value of the items.

If you cannot agree on the value, you can obtain an appraisal.

The Most Common Expenses in a Divorce

The Most Common Expenses in a Divorce

Anthony Moreno Divorce

The most common expenses in a divorce. While everyone understands that there are costs involved in getting a divorce, few realize what actually makes up these costs. Below are some of the most common expenses that are incurred by both parties in divorce proceedings.

Hiring an attorney such as Anthony Moreno is almost always a necessity for those going through a divorce. It’s generally not recommended for a person to try to handle the legal side of their divorce on their own, as doing so requires in-depth legal knowledge that the average person simply couldn’t possess without formal legal training. With that being said, just because a person hires an attorney to handle their divorce doesn’t mean that they’re automatically out of a lot of money. Contact Anthony Moreno



Anthony Moreno Divorce

Nuts and bolts outline to file for divorce in Kansas City

There will be some variation between counties and states

1) Hire a Kansas City divorce attorney – View Anthony Moreno’s Bio to see if he is the right attorney for you Top 40 under 40 Family Lawyers in USA

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2) Since you are filing first, you are the “Petitioner” and therefore your family lawyer must draft and file the “Petition for Dissolution/Divorce”. In the Petition, you are making sworn statements to the Court about where you both live, whether or not you have children in common, when and where you were married, if the Court needs to divide property, etc. If you have questions and need help immediately contact Kansas City divorce attorney Anthony Moreno here.