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Child Custody Articles

12 tips to win custody of your children

Dealing with divorce is never an easy or painless process, and it can be made especially difficult when a divorcing couple has children. In rare instances, the mother and father are able to work amicably toward a divorce that provides both of them with satisfactory...

Grandparent’s visitation rights

452.402. Grandparent's visitation rights granted, when, terminated, when — guardian ad litem appointed, when — attorney fees and costs assessed, when. — 1. The court may grant reasonable visitation rights to the grandparents of the child and issue any necessary orders...

How to Relinquish Legal and Physical Custody in a Divorce Case

There are instances in which a parent, during or after a divorce proceeding, reaches a juncture at which he or she must relinquish legal and physical custody rights voluntarily. In some cases this needs to be done for an indefinite period of time; for example, if a parent is being sent on active military duty, physical custody is impossible to exercise and legal custody is likely impractical. There are certain steps that must be taken to relinquish on a voluntary basis the right to legal and physical custody of a minor child.

Pet Custody

Five Questions to Ask When Deciding Pet Custody

Divorce is a complex, difficult time. One often over-looked aspect of divorce that can make it especially challenging is figuring out what to do with a shared pet. You both love your pet, but you’re no longer going to live together in the same home. Where does your dog or cat go? How can you avoid the messiness of lawyer or judge involvement? Here are five questions to keep in mind.

Can I move or relocate with my children?

Another common issue that I help families with, is the issue of moving with their children. This prospect can become quite complex and results vary depending on the specific set of circumstances. Here are a few common scenarios to help illustrate.

Tips for Gaining Primary Custody

Custody can be the most hotly contested aspect of divorce when parents can’t agree to a parenting plan. Courts use various tools to get to the bottom of custody disputes, from custody evaluations by trained professionals to speaking with the children involved, in some circumstances.