The most common expenses in a divorce. While everyone understands that there are costs involved in getting a divorce, few realize what actually makes up these costs. Below are some of the most common expenses that are incurred by both parties in divorce proceedings.


Hiring an attorney such as Anthony Moreno is almost always a necessity for those going through a divorce. It’s generally not recommended for a person to try to handle the legal side of their divorce on their own, as doing so requires in-depth legal knowledge that the average person simply couldn’t possess without formal legal training. With that being said, just because a person hires an attorney to handle their divorce doesn’t mean that they’re automatically out of a lot of money.

“My retainer fees are based on the complexity and level of fighting involved when the case comes to my office. I evaluate every case in the consultation from how we got here, where we are, and where we want to be at the conclusion of the case. Attorney fees are always the cheapest when parties compromise and work together to come to a reasonable and fair resolution…and the other side of that coin is that attorney fees are always most expensive when parties draw their lines in the sand and refuse to give at all with respect to their issue of choice. I do everything possible to explain what issues can be won at trial, based on the facts and the law, and what issues will be in the judge’s hands to decide, and use that trial knowledge to pick our battles and spend the money where it can return the most on my client’s investment.”Anthony Moreno


When it comes to divorces in which children are involved, certain additional costs will become necessary for the purpose of determining the best possible custody arrangement. These costs could include therapy sessions for children, time with mediators and child custody evaluations. As difficult as it may be, it’s a good idea for both parties in a divorce to make compromises and work together on this aspect of their case, as doing so will ensure that their children are presented with a child custody arrangement that will be as easy as possible for them to adjust to. If it’s an option, creating a balanced and agreeable child custody arrangement outside of a courtroom is always best.

“Also, mediation is almost always required by the court, prior to holding a trial on any of the issues. The court requires both parties to attend a co-parenting class, and a spend a minimum of 2 hours with a certified mediator. I am a certified mediator and can explain how those costs are broken down and have resources at my disposal that can get client’s qualified for up to 2- free hours of the mediation process through M.A.R.C.H. Mediation, or Family Court Services.”Anthony Moreno


In addition to the hourly costs associated with hiring an attorney for a divorce, filing court documents such as motions and petitions will create additional fees that need to be paid. Especially for a prolonged divorce that runs into a series of complications over time, these expenses can become quite substantial. For this reason, these expenses shouldn’t be forgotten or unplanned for as either party prepares to move forward with their divorce.

“Each jurisdiction requires different filing fees when filing for divorce. These fees are designed to cover the admin costs associated with filing the case. There is typically an additional charge for paying a private process server or the sheriff to have the documents served on the other party. “Anthony Moreno


Evaluating the current financial circumstances of both parties is one of the integral parts of any divorce. The purpose of such evaluations is to ensure that everyone involved in a divorce finds themselves reasonably financially secure once the proceedings come to a close.

Financial evaluations during a divorce are often performed by accountants, tax specialists and attorneys, who are in charge of gathering financial data and documents to create a full picture of a couple’s finances. These are just a handful of the most common expenses that people experience during a divorce.

The best way to figure out a complete and detailed budget for a divorce is to consult with Kansas City Divorce Attorney Anthony Moreno directly. Knowing the things that contribute to the overall cost of a divorce is a good idea for anyone considering a dissolution of their marriage, as being aware of their upcoming financial responsibilities will allow them to make educated decisions during the divorce process.