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Representing clients in Divorce and Child Custody 

The attorneys at Moreno Law in Kansas City are committed to providing top legal services for the unique needs of each client. In every case, we help our clients navigate the court system and ensure that their needs and voice are heard.  We are located in the Kansas City metro area and as a family law attorney Moreno Law LLC specializes in divorce, child support and child custody.

  • Divorce and legal separation
  • Child Custody
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Navigating the Law

Everyone has their own preconceived notions on how this process works, but few understand how the court views your case.  We will work hard for you, and this includes viewing your case from your point of view, and helping you understand your rights and the legal system.

Strategic & Aggressive Representation

Navigating the complexity of a divorce requires strong, effective legal counsel from attorneys who specialize in matrimonial and family law.

Every case takes on it’s own personality.  You need a lawyer that can adapt with finesse, or take strong action when required.

Protecting your Interests

You need a skilled and experienced family law attorney who understands how the court and judge views your case.  You need an attorney that is committed to representing your interests and protecting your rights. 

Moreno Law LLC

Experienced and Professional Family Law Services

At Moreno Law LLC, we are experienced Kansas City family law attorneys that provide guidance and support.  We are eager to connect with you and evalute your situation no matter the complexity of your case.  


Not Just to Confirm Parenthood

 The Paternity Action is simply the name of the lawsuit that one brings when they have children in common with someone they were never married to and are no longer living together and/or are no longer in a relationship

Child Custody

Understand the Process

Courts use various tools to get to the bottom of custody disputes, from custody evaluations by trained professionals to speaking with the children involved, in some circumstances.

Child Support

How It Works

Child support cases are either filed by the parent receiving child support or by the state. They are processed in the same manner, except that when the state files the case, it does on behalf of the parent receiving state aid. 


Children to Elders

Guardianship is the court process of obtaining a legal designation and power of legal authority over a person or person’s estate due to disability, mentally incapacity, or if a minor child who is not in the custody of a parent and where the parent has either relinquished custody or cannot parent a child for a limited period of time.

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At Moreno Law LLC, we believe that the more information our clients have, the better they understand the process.   We work with our clients in all aspects of family law.


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Featured Review

What else can I say other than Anthony, you’re a godsend. I optimistically came into Anthony’s office with what I thought was an impossible situation. Anthony agreed to meet me in his office after hours for my convenience, he patiently listened to me ramble on, and turned my impossible into a reality! With patience, perseverance, and integrity, he was able to get me the results that I asked for, without mudslinging, without dragging my children through the courts, and without breaking the bank. Quality of life for all parties involved has never been better. Thank you, Mr Moreno, I can never thank you enough!

Jeff S.